Why Mars Branded Confections

MARS confections are among some of America’s most popular brands. By utilizing these brands in desserts, you give your dessert menu can’t-say-no appeal — especially since 80% of consumers agree that branded inclusions make for a better-tasting-dessert1

  • M&M'S®
    • #1 Global Confectionery brand2
    • #2 most purchased branded inclusion3
    • 81% of consumers say M&M'S® are a brand they know and trust4
    • 74% of consumers agree M&M'S® make desserts more tasty1
    • #1 highest penetration singles bar in +13M households4
    • 79% of consumers prefer SNICKERS® brand because of its flavor1
    • 76% of consumers won't accept generic or imitation SNICKERS® it has to be the real thing1
    • 56% of consumers said they would pay a premium for a dessert made with SNICKERS®5
  • TWIX®
    • 69% of consumers say that TWIX® is a brand that they know and trust5
    • 53% of consumers are willing to pay a premium for a dessert made with TWIX®5
    • 67% of consumers agree that TWIX® pieces make desserts more tasty1
  • DOVE®
    • #1 global pure chocolate brand6
    • 84% of consumer love DOVE® because it is their "favorite taste/flavor”1
    • 81% of consumers list DOVE® as a Premium Product5
    • 48% of consumers believe MILKY WAY® is versatile and good in different items1
    • 54% of consumers believe 3M is “fun to eat”1

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