Why Mars Wrigley branded inclusions

Brands that put more wow in every treat
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From pre-chopped to whole candy, we have what you need to create profitable treat concepts.

Whether added to muffins, brownies, cookies, cakes or beverages, Mars branded candies bring out the wow factor in virtually any treat.

Give your baked goods and treats unmatched appeal with the brands they know and love! 

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White chocolate brownie bars

White Chocolate Brownie Bars
made with M&M’S® Caramel Candies

Cherry cheesecake pie

Cherry Cheesecake Pie
made with SNICKERS® Bars

Cookies made with Twix Cookie Bars

Cookies made with TWIX® Cookie Bars

Cookie butter stuffed cookies

Cookie Butter–Stuffed Cookies
made with SNICKERS® Bars and DOVE®

Mudslide skillet brownie

Mudslide Skillet Brownie
made with MILKY WAY® Bars

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Boost your profit potential with Mars Wrigley Branded Inclusions

First in brand strength

62% of consumers prefer desserts that include Mars Wrigley branded inclusions2

Preferred over generic

Mars branded inclusions are preferred 3-4X over the generic option.3

Willing to pay more

76% of consumers are willing to pay a little more for a dessert with branded inclusions.2

Better tasting

82% of consumers say branded candies make for a more craveable dessert.2 And 79% more likely to order a dessert with branded inclusions.2

Increase dessert appeal

M and M's
Snickers - the brand trusted by 75 percent of consumers
Twix - the brand trusted by 69 percent of consumers
Dove - the number one global pure chocolate brand
Milky Way - 51 percent of consumers like Milky Way in sundaes as an ice cream flavor

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1 Global Chocolate & Wrigley Metrics Euromonitor for Confections and for Nestlé Gum, January 2016.
1. Global Chocolate & Wrigley Metrics Euromonitor for Confections and for Nestlé Gum, Jan. 2016
2. Datassential, custom study, 2019
3. Datassential, MARS Foodservices study, 2016